EP76 - Mark Tughan - Founder of the Glee Club - How to create a credible comedy club chain.

March 17, 2017

Mark Tughan (@marktughan) opened the first Glee Comedy Club (@thegleeclub) over 20 years ago having just left his job as a city banker. He fell in love with comedy and put his money where his mouth is to become part of the industry. Today the Glee has 4 venues across the UK and continues to be (as he puts it) one of the elite "credible" comedy clubs outside of the London. 

We talked about...

  • How and why he decided to quit his day job in finance and start the first purpose built comedy club outside of London.
  • How the Glee Club reacted and dealt with competition in the cities they operate in.
  • Why other clubs have come and gone and yet the Glee Club has prevailed.
  • How the ride in the solo touring circuit has impacted the Glee Club.
  • Is it a conflict of interest having an agent (Off The Kerb) book your club?



This podcast would be great for anyone who is interested in gigging at the Glee Comedy Club chain or a professional comedian who already performs there who is interested in the venues history or a local comedy fan who wants to know more about what goes on behind-the-scenes at their local comedy club.

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