EP80 - Midlands Live Circuit Panel Special.

April 19, 2017

The panel included - 

1) Red Redmond - promoter at Deadcat Comedy

2) Glen Gandy - promoter at Blue Giraffe Comedy

3) Adam Rushton - A Rush Of Laughter Comedy Management / Comedy promoter.

4) Alex Hylton & Dave McGuckin - Promoters at Jokes On Us at the Leicester Comedy Festival.

We talked about...

  • The midlands festival and club circuit
  • Progression and how to get it.
  • Why 5 minutes isn't enough in the midlands
  • Stories from the green rooms.



This podcast would be great for anyone who is interested in gigging in the midlands or progressing in the industry in general.

You can stream the podcast here (with show notes) - http://simoncaine.co.uk/ATI/LeicesterLivePod2
Or stream it on YouTube - https://youtu.be/nDuWGKlkQ9A
As mentioned in the pod, if you'd like to come down and support Angel Comedy presents Queer As Jokes (an LGBT+ / kink friendly comedy night) you can get a ticket here (£5) - http://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/events/queer-as-jokes/
Please feel free to email in if you have any questions about it OR if you'd like a specific seat (we have a "don't pick on me" seating section for people who want to sit in the front row, but don't want to be talked to). 
OR you can come to my preview that is also at Angel Comedy [full gig listings can be found here - http://simoncaine.co.uk/LaughterIsTheBestPlacebo ] 
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