EP70 – Barry Ferns and Sarah Pearce – Angel Comedy – How to build a community-led comedy club.

December 16, 2016

Barry Ferns (@barryferns) started Angel Comedy (@angelcomedy) 6 years ago in 2010 as an open mic night to give himself more stagetime. Since then it has expanded and now runs comedy shows 7 nights a week. More recently the core team and their volunteer army have crowdfunded to lease their very own venue, just down the road from the original. They raised £46,643 from 1049 in 30 days. 

I got on Barry and former comedian, now Angel booker / show manager / venue manager / everything Sarah Pearce to talk about how they did it and what we can learn from them. This interview blew me away and by the end we were talking philosophy and finding what you want to do in life, and always working towards that. Specific subjects we covered included -

  • How Angel has built it's reputation on the clubs ethos alone.
  • How to build a community around a comedy club. 
  • The teamwork and DIY attitude that embodies the entire groups mentality towards work. 
  • Why they decided to buy a pub and when they felt was the best time to take that risk. 
  • Why Sarah quit stand up and why Barry see's his career as a constant process of making stuff and staying in the industry.
  • How to find an audience for your shows/ gigs / comedy club.
  • How they've made the free model work in London (UK).
This podcast would be useful for anyone who is a fan of Angel Comedy and the work they do be you a performer or an audience member who has attended one (or several) of their shows. Or someone looking at setting up a comedy club and you're not sure of how to build an audience for it. Or you might just be a comedian who wants to know more about the free economy and how it works.
You can stream the podcast here (with show notes) - http://simoncaine.co.uk/ATI/AngelComedy
Or stream it on YouTube - https://youtu.be/K1Rh3-lcp_g
As mentioned in the pod, if you'd like to come down and support Angel Comedy presents Queer As Jokes (an LGBT+ / kink friendly comedy night) you can get a ticket here (£5) - http://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/events/queer-as-jokes/
Please feel free to email in if you have any questions about it OR if you'd like a specific seat (we have a "don't pick on me" seating section for people who want to sit in the front row, but don't want to be talked to). 


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