EP69 - Michael Redmond - How he accidentally became a cult figure.

December 2, 2016

Michael Redmond (@redmondmichael1) is an Irish stand-up comedian from Blackrock, Dublin best known for playing Father Stone in the Father Ted episode "Entertaining Father Stone". He has a deadpan style of delivery which has led to him becoming a dependable and experienced performer of quotable, but hard to replicate gags... having said that one of his jokes was famously stolen by Joe Pasquale and we get into how he felt about that and the subsequent joke written by Stewart Lee. Redmond began his career as a writer for Irish radio and television, before moving to London and launching a successful stand-up career as a writer and a performer.

I got him on the podcast to talk about -
  • What was it like for him when Stewart Lee mentioned him in a joke about Joe Pasquale being a joke thief.
  • How Father Ted did not make that much of an impact on his career.
  • Why he has cut back on live work to focus on writing.
  • Why he moved from Ireland to London to Glasgow as a comedian.
  • How the live comedy circuit has changed since he started
This podcast would be useful to anyone who is a fan of Father Ted or Michael that wants to know more about what goes on behind the scenes or a comedian looking to go full time / build a career in comedy.
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