EP68 - Simon Abrahams - CEO of the Melbourne Fringe

November 22, 2016

Simon Abrahams (@simonjabrahams) is the Creative Director & CEO at the Melbourne Fringe. Having worked with performers his whole professional career he now runs a large comedy festival in Australia which is used for a lot of different types of performers to try out more experimental and work-in-progress shows.

I got him on the podcast to talk about -
  • How the Fringe helps people get to Australia and find them somewhere to stay (and help with the VISAs)
  • The loss of print media in Australia and how that’s impacted promotion of shows.
  • How to register a show and promote it when you don’t live in Australia.
  • Why flyering is banned and how the postering marketing is owned by different companies.
This podcast would be useful to anyone interested in taking a show to the Melbourne Fringe and the landscape of the Australian comedy scene in general. 
You can stream the podcast here (with show notes) - http://simoncaine.co.uk/ATI/SimonAbrahams
Or stream it on YouTube - https://youtu.be/BOBYexVK92s


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